When was the last time you had a Sydney eye clinic checkup at your optometrist’s office? Do you find it difficult to read this sentence? Let’s hope not! However, you should not simply go to an optometrist when your eyesight is hazy. When it comes to your eye health, you do not want to take any chances. Any kind of vision issue, eye discomfort, or pain might make it challenging to go about your daily activities.

Your eyesight could seem to be excellent, but that does not imply you are immune to underlying diseases like glaucoma or cataracts, which might not show symptoms until later stages. In order to have a thorough Sydney eye clinic exam, you should contact your optometrist as soon as possible. This article will discuss a few definite symptoms that you should do so.

These issues may also be a sign of a more severe underlying health issue that needs immediate medical attention. Not all eye disorders have symptoms at initially, but if they are not caught in the early stages, they may progress to be severe and permanent.

A problem with nighttime and driving vision

One of the early warning signs of vision trouble is having trouble seeing when driving at night. When your eyes are having trouble, it will be more obvious since most individuals have trouble seeing in the dark and at a distance. You could just only a temporary solution like a pair of prescription glasses, or it can be an indication of something more serious that requires immediate medical attention. By seeing your eye doctor, you may take steps to safeguard your eyesight and start receiving treatment before more severe diseases take hold.

Eye exhaustion

At work and at home, many of us spend a lot of time looking at screens, which may wear on our eyes. Humans typically blink 20 times per minute, however this number drops significantly while you are looking at a screen. This is an issue because it prevents your eyes from being fully moisturized, which leads to eye tiredness. If your eyes feel worn out all the time, you may need to use prescription eye drops to keep them lubricated, or you could have an issue with how your eyes are aligned. By seeing your optometrist, you may get a diagnosis and start treatment right immediately to get your eyesight back.

Dry eyes

You could have dry eye syndrome if your eyes feel scratchy or if you often feel like something is in your eyes. The environment you live in, issues with your tear ducts, or the usage of certain drugs may all contribute to dry eye syndrome, which is a common but exceedingly painful disease. Visit your optometrist as soon as possible if you have dry eyes so that you may start receiving therapy to restore your ability to see comfortably.

Sensitivity to Light

Light sensitivity is a typical sign of a number of eye conditions and infections. Some medical disorders that make you sensitive to light might result in scarring, which can harm your eyesight permanently. Visit your eye doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing problems getting your eyes used to unusual illumination.


Halos surrounding lights might be a sign of astigmatism or presbyopia, which is the progressive loss of your eye’s ability to concentrate on close things. Schedule a visit with your optometrist for a thorough Sydney eye clinic examination so they can diagnose your condition accurately and develop a treatment strategy specifically for you.

For all your eyecare requirements, go to a Sydney eye clinic.

You should see your optometrist for thorough Sydney eye clinic examinations on a regular basis, just as you should visit your dentist for cleanings. It is advised that individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 see their eye doctor every two years, and that those 65 and above visit their optometrist every year. Do not attempt to wait it out if you have vision issues or eye pain. Make an appointment with your eye doctor now to prevent severe eye diseases by receiving early diagnosis and treatment.

Sydney eye clinic examinations do more than merely assess your vision’s quality. They examine your eyes to make sure you don’t have any underlying illnesses or ailments that might impair your vision or harm your general health in the future. If you presently have issues with your eyesight or eye health, it’s possible that you’ve become used to the symptoms and are unaware that you need expert assistance. At Market Mall Optometry in Calgary, our team of skilled eye physicians is aware of how crucial yearly eye examinations are to your general well-being. Use our online form to get in touch with us and schedule a thorough Sydney eye clinic exam for you or your kid.


How often should individuals go to the eye doctor?

A: The Australian Association of Optometrists recommends that individuals get a full Sydney eye clinic exam with their optometrist every two years. Every year, those over 65 should see their optometrist.

What if I need eyeglasses?

A: During your thorough Sydney eye clinic exam, your optometrist will be able to evaluate if you need a prescription. After that, they will guide you through the process of choosing the glasses or contact lenses you want.

Do thorough eye examinations feel uncomfortable?

A: A thorough Sydney eye clinic exam is non-invasive, so you won’t experience any pain or discomfort throughout it.

Plan on a thorough Sydney eye clinic examination. 

To correctly diagnose your eyesight issue, you will need to complete a variety of tests. A common one is the visual acuity test, which involves reading a standard eye chart while your eye doctor assesses your vision at different distances. Usually, this entails covering the eye not being inspected. There are many tests for color blindness. This early examination of your color vision is done to rule out color blindness. This test not only detects genetic color vision deficits but also warns your optometrist of potential eye health problems that could influence your ability to see color.

Cover-up test: In order to do this, alternately close each eye and concentrate on a nearby little object. You do this again while focusing on a nearby item. If your uncovered eye moves to focus on the item, your eye doctor will examine for strabismus, a binocular vision issue that causes eye strain, or amblyopia (lazy eye).

Eye movement: This exercise demonstrates your ability to track a moving item as it moves across the room. Eye movement problems may lead to eye strain and have an impact on other abilities including reading comprehension and sports vision.

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